3 questions to help you decide if you should quit your job for your own business

3 questions to help you decide if you should quit your job for your own business

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The art of decision making has never really been an easy one. Whether its deciding which clothes to put on in the morning or deciding what you’ll have for supper in the evening – our lives are a constant haggle between what to do and what not to do.

When it comes to major life choices, we often go through a complicated and sometimes difficult process of weighing up the pro’s and con’s. For example, the choice to stay employed or start your own business is one of those life decisions we spend a lot of time thinking about – sometimes too much time. Well, there is a way to make this decision a much easier process and this article explains exactly how with just 3 self reflecting questions to use!

coins - how to quit your job - planetfem business1 – Forget practicalities such as income
When trying to decide on starting our own business, we often look at the most practical things first. We look at how much money we need and how we’ll be able to support our families or pay the rent or mortgage. Very practical yes, important too, but also very daunting. We won’t have the answers to this question at this stage because we simply do not know yet and not having the answers makes us feel insecure and doubtful. By having such a strong focus on the financial aspects of life, we create more fears and uncertainties and we’ve still to make the decision.

Some say, that the financial aspects are a part of the decision making process. However,  this is false and separate. Later along the lines you will of course have to think about the financials but in the primary stage of deciding, the first place we need to look at is what we actually want.  A very rational person may strongly disagree with this but there is an important step that needs to be done before practicalities are brought into the equation. The question is then: Do you, regardless of the financial aspects, want to work for yourself? The answer is not a “well, I’d like to, but” or a “it depends on, etc….” – the answer is a straightforward and clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and being able to answer this question in such a way will lead you on to the next set of questions which ultimately help support your decision.

Let’s clarify a little more: The decision process, that is, the choice to stay employed or start a business has nothing to do, in the first instance, with money. We help ourselves and simplify the decision making process by asking ourselves if we want to do this, yes or no? Instead, what most of us do is  spend much too little time on this back self reflecting question and go straight figuring out how to make everything work. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your business be. You can’t expect to have all the answers straight away, so take things step by step.

 how to quit your job - planetfem business2 – Envision the life you want
So, tell us, how do you want to live? Is your ideal life possible with your current work, for example? If you want to have more time for yourself but your current work does not allow it, then you could see this aspect as a good reason for change. We are here on this earth to make the best out of the time we have. That time includes work but also leisure and recreation. Perhaps you want to travel more or do even less exotic things like just being able to read a newspaper full out every morning with a cappuccino.

The combination of the things that we must do and the things that we love to do make up the thread of our lives. By learning to define what we want out of life, we create more of our own life design. Life design a life, made up of activities and elements that we ourselves choose, that enforces more happiness, balance and peace of mind. So, does your current situation accommodate for the life you want?

artist at work - planetfem business3 – You MUST love what you do!
We spend a large portion of our time working; in fact, it takes up more than half our lives. Think about it and ask yourself: Are you so happy with your current employment that’s it worth more than half your life? Society tell us that we must do what is expected of us because that’s how life is.

Well, actually, its not. It is however how we’ve been conditioned and raised to believe – that work is often boring, hard and we must all plod along. Its an old record being played from many generations back, but its a record which is scratched and needs to be changed. Most of us, in the western world  have opportunities for choice and change but utilize very little of it. We have become stuck in a system which may bring us security but far less happiness. We have forgotten, since childhood, to make decisions based on how we feel, also within our careers,. Its really the only way to lead the life we desire. Do you love your work and all the prospects so much that it makes you happy to work there? If so, great! Well done and keep doing what makes you happy. If your answer is no however, then this last question from is most likely the defining factor in your decision to stay or go.

You already know the answer, don’t you?




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