The 3 best books to read for (small) business owners + free E-book download

The 3 best books to read for (small) business owners + free E-book download

3 best book to read - planetfem businessThere are literally stacks of great books available to small business owners. So much so that its hard to choose which business book is right for you, and then right for your business. Some books offer practical information on the day to day running of a business, whilst others focus on the motivating and inspiring aspect of it. Both types of books are helpful depending on the stage you’re in, which is why we’ve selected a top 3 list of books for you.


1 – How to worry less about Money – John Armstrong –  The School of Life How to worry less about money
 This book takes a serious look at our obsession with money. It doesn’t judge this obsession in a negative way but does explain why money has such a grip on us and our lives. Armstrong gives the opinion that in the society we all live in today, money is an important factor that should be acknowledged and accepted in a loving and balanced way. In doing this our feeling towards money changes from a lust objective to a necessary item in our lives which we can live in peace with.

How to worry less about Money‘ isn’t so much about the worries we have, but more so a guide that helps us understand why money is so important to us. It illustrates the value money bring to us when recognized as a tool. After reading this book you’ll come out relaxed with a more balanced relationship towards money and this is good for business!


2 – Screw it, let’s do it – Richard Branson – Random HouseScrew it lets do it - planetfem business
Richard Branson is one of world best known entrepreneurs. We know him from his Virgin empire and a further introduction simply isn’t needed. In ‘Screw it, let’s do it’, Richard Branson talks about how it all started and of his life going from a small business to a huge enterprise.

As a young teenager, Richard Branson had big ideas and lots of ambition and on top of it the tenacity and self belief to pull it off. The book continues to talk about the start of Virgin Atlantic and the hostility Branson faced from other airlines even to the point of sabotage. Branson’s advice is to keep going to matter what and to not accept unfair treatment from competition. Branson believes in saying yes to all opportunities and not to stay stuck in the ideas phase. He believes that if something sounds good you should jump to it and figure it out along the way.

‘Screw it, let’s do’ it is all about the passion and ambition and simply going for it. It will leave you inspired, motivated and ready for action!


 Think and Grow Rich3 – Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – The Ralston Society
According to Napoleon Hill, wealth, in the broadest sense of the word, (not only financial) is something we can all create ourselves. Through the power of positive thinking, thinking differently and the use of our natural talents, we can create the lives we desire.

Hill interviewed over 500 business giants, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many more, in an attempt to understand what it was that made these people so successful. He found the same pattern of thoughts, attitudes and states of mind in each of the business giants and concluded that this is a success formula. Although the formula is not explicitly mentioned in the book, enough examples are given to allow the reader to figure it out themselves and implement where needed. There are laws to success, according to Napoleon Hill and those laws are available to everyone.

Think and Grow Rich‘ goes further than financial wealth but includes personal development and the search for happiness and acceptance. Another great book to read a few times every year and keep on your bookshelf for inspiration!

We were able to get access to a Think and Grow Rich PDF – Planetfem Business which you can download for free now.

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